The Makeup Brush of My Dreams

It’s not only the big-picture topics that our dreams help us explore.  On the contrary, our dreams can help us improve our lives in many simple ways, with practical ideas and inspirations.  While getting ready this morning, I’m reminded of a beautiful example… it’s the time I got a makeup tip from a dream.

For years I struggled to find the perfect makeup foundation for my skin.  I don’t think this is exceptionally unique, and many women can probably relate.  Those of us without flawless complexions know that foundation can be an important part of one’s beauty regimen.  Get the foundation wrong and your entire look becomes unfortunate.

I’d been through brand after brand of foundations.  Sometimes I thought I’d found a great one, but then as the season changed, so did my mind.  I was always hoping for something better — something that would look and feel natural while also covering the flaws.

The last time I was on my bi-annual quest, I began by doing some online research.  I was reading reviews and recommendations shortly before bed, so it’s no shocker I had a dream about makeup…

Dreamt I was in a store shopping for makeup.  I selected a mineral makeup powder and a brush applicator that had a head that spun around and around electronically.

Upon waking, I was recalling the dream and thought that the idea of a spinning brush head was pretty unique.  I’d never seen such an applicator, so I assumed this was a symbolic image to be explored.  But just to be sure, I did a quick Google search.  And whata ya know, there it was — a spin-brush applicator for sale.

“Wow.  How did my dream know that?” I thought.  And then I promptly made my purchase, ’cause I’ve had some great results when following my dream-spirations.

The mineral makeup from my dream was a product I’d once used, but hadn’t stuck with it because I thought it was one of those ‘just okay’ products.  I’d decided I was going to follow this dream idea, however, so I bought some.

When the brush arrived, I was quite impressed with the quality and loved the concept.  And sure enough, applying the mineral foundation to my skin with the spin brush provided a whole new level of blended.  This was what I’d been hoping for all along!

It was at least five years ago that I had this dream and followed through on the idea it provided.  I’m still happy with the way it works for me and have no longer needed to go on my seasonal makeup quest.  This simple dream tip improved my life in a small but personally-meaningful way.  I think it’s awesome that I discovered it in a dream.

Just a simple example of the practicality of paying attention to one’s dreams…

Keep on dreaming!


Ever get a practical tip from a dream?  I’d love to know about it!  Please head on down to the comments section and share your dream-spiration.

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    • What a wonderful compliment, and so very appreciated. It doesn’t always feel like we’re making the progress we aim for, so it’s nice when others see the positives and share it along. I appreciate the motivation boost of your words.
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