Dreamology Testimonials

I had been struggling almost nightly with inadequate sleep and daytime drowsiness a couple years into my retirement which affected me on the physical, mental, and emotional levels.  I then started to work with Leah and, thanks to the practical advice and specific tools she offers, the quality of my sleep has improved beyond my expectations. I’m experiencing increased energy, sharper mental focus, and an overall increased feeling of well-being.  I’m in my late 70’s, and Leah’s supportive and upbeat advice makes it possible for me to stay as active and involved with my life as I’ve always been.  If I do experience a less than optimum night’s sleep, I’m confident I can get back on track with the rituals Leah has taught me. As a result, I’m no longer experiencing daytime drowsiness, nor do I need to nap because of a bad night’s sleep. I have more energy for volunteer activities, friends, and daily exercise.  Leah is generous and kind and I’m so grateful to be a recipient of her skilled insights about sleeping.

Claudia Vlisides

It’s easy to think you’ve tried it all — I’ve tried every sleep device on the market, researched sleep recommendations, worked with 2 CBTI sleep coaches and even a sleep ‘Therapist,’ and I still struggled to make a significant impact on my sleep.  Seeing Leah was a game changer.  I realized that while many coaches have a ‘one size fits all’ approach (where you have to fit into their box), Leah deeply understands your case and creates a customized, sustainable approach just for you.  She has so many tools in her toolbox, it’s no big deal if something isn’t clicking — we can try something else!  Instead of feeling anxious and regimented, as I did with other coaches, Leah makes the process joyful and fun.  I couldn’t recommend her more.  I haven’t had such restful nights in a long time, and I feel hopeful about the future.

Maya Bourdeau
Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Attune, LLC

I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Leah Bolen professionally on a number of projects including a dream support group, organizing dream services, and dream-related teaching.

Leah is a uniquely talented, informed and skilled dream worker who is also an exceptionally bright, intuitive and kind woman. She knows how to open her heart to the mystery of dreams and simultaneously bridge them into the practical reality of the waking world. I wholeheartedly recommend her.

Rubin Naiman, PhD, FAASM
Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine, Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine

I cherish my dreamwork with Leah.  She has such a gift — both with helping to uncover dream meaning and putting me at ease.  I also appreciate how she encourages me and my dreaming about the future and manifesting these waking dreams and visions.  I cannot imagine a better dream guide than Leah.

Kimberly Philippi, MD, PLLC

I would like to give a big shout out to Leah!  I contacted her regarding a disturbing dream my husband had and, with very little initial information, she was able to give us some general guidance that was closely connected to some personal stuff going on.  I then proceeded to give her a little more dream information and some personal information and she was SPOT ON!!!!  It really gave us some much needed peace of mind.  I HIGHLY recommend contacting Leah for any dream questions.  I will definitely use her guidance in the future and recommend her to family and friends.  Thank you Leah!

Denise Delapena

It’s rare and amazing when your paths cross with a gifted teacher who wants you to get the most out of your life.  Leah is that teacher.  She is gifted in the realm of dream analysis.  I know this first hand as well as through others I have recommended to her.

Leah has an uncanny ability to listen, ask pointed questions and uncover signs and symbols in order to make sense of elements that, on the surface, seem totally unrelated.  Dreams really do hold information that can be unlocked.  I believe this information can bring guidance, explanation and peace.  Leah is the conduit to make this happen.

Leah also teaches you how to be more aware of signs and symbols, so that you can start to  build your own ability to listen to your dreams.

Should you have the chance to have your dreams analyzed by Leah, do it — you will be shocked at what you learn!

Marcy Chickering

What an exciting experience to have a DreamDiscovery session with Leah!  Leah has a way of listening to all information from your dream and vividly engrossing herself within it with her quick-witted intelligence, sense of depth and natural intuition.  By the end, she’s painted a visual story that makes complete sense and the greatest part is you do it together! She uses her perception and you use your best descriptive words to understand all that your dream could be showing you.  Leah’s enthusiasm is contagious and you will certainly call on her innate gift for each interesting dream you create!

Andrea Tenuta

I have had the privilege of working with Leah in dream groups, and have observed first-hand her skills and sensitivity.  The dream fares well under her respectful gaze, which is a rare gift.  I heartily recommend her if you’re seeking a deeper relationship with your dream life.

Gregory Scott Sparrow, EdD, LPC, LMFT (Va)

After one DreamDiscovery session with Leah, I found new excitement in finding the connection between my dreams and life experiences/feelings.  She has a very non-invasive but thorough process that I found natural to follow and professional.  If you’ve had recurring dreams, and/or want to explore the incredible world of your dreaming state, I highly recommend Leah!

Amber Vilhauer
Industry-Leading Marketing Strategist, NGNG Enterprises

I’ve had a reoccurring dream for many, many years now. It seems whenever I re-shape my life I’ve had it. Most of my dreams disappear moments after I awake. I couldn’t catch them if I wanted to. But when I had this one it would stay with me for days. I so disliked the haunting feeling I was left with. I would often wonder why it just didn’t vanish like the others.

I have never been interested in dreams or dream symbology. I usually just pass my dreams off as nonsensical unwindings while I sleep, or perhaps too much candy with my late night movie. I decided to reveal my dream to Leah and she cleverly helped me ease my way back through the imagery, thoughts and feelings that stood out in my dream memory. It helped to sketch a picture of my dream while sharing it with her. As I continued interacting with Leah, I came to a point where I had a sudden moment of insight — tears flooded my eyes.

That dream that disturbed and haunted me so over the years, the one I could never forget, was simply an enlightenment. I quickly put pen to paper and created an affirmation to help encourage my talent and help me to achieve positive awareness. I have never experienced anything like this. It was like she took my hand and lead the way into dreamworld. A world unknown to me. If not for her passion, knowledge, and understanding of dreams, I would probably never have realized the gift my dream was giving me — true insight into myself and my future. That dream no longer haunts me and I’ve not dreamed it since. It truly was a wonderful dream experience.

My dream thanks you, Leah. My dreams message was finally fulfilled. This could have only happened with you as my dream guide. You have definitely found your calling. Thank you.

Mimi Panitzke

Leah has given dreams new meaning in my life! I’ve always found dreams fascinating, and have always believed they carry messages, but I’ve never known exactly how to interpret them. With Leah as my guide, I have gained new understanding and insight. As a result of working with Leah, I’ve received amazing lessons from my dreams – lessons that I can actually utilize in my real life. She patiently and expertly guides you through the details of your dreams, resulting in giant ah ha moments. After each dream session with Leah, I am always left with a new perspective and greater understanding, as well as amazement for how well she navigates me through all of the confusion and chaos. I feel so fortunate to have Leah as my dream advisor and highly recommend her to anyone interested in delving deeper into their dreams.

Lisa Espich
Award-Winning Author of ‘Soaring Above Co-Addiction”