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I'd tried it all -- Seeing Leah was a game changer. Instead of feeling anxious and regimented, as I did with other sleep coaches, Leah made the process joyful and fun. I haven't had such restful nights in a long time.
Maya BourdeauCo-Founder and Managing Partner of Attune, LLC'

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It's rare and amazing when your paths cross with a gifted teacher who wants you to get the most out of your life. Leah is that gifted teacher. I know this first-hand as well as through others I have recommended to her.
Marcy ChickeringMarketing Director'

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Leah Ann Bolen, CDP, CSSC helps people to improve their sleep and connect with the power of dreams to enhance their waking lives.  In her 30 years of training and work with sleep and dreams, she has come to see sleep as the foundation for physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing.

With her corporate career also spanning three decades, Leah understands the realities and demands of business life.  Starting as a receptionist in an advertising office, Leah had her sights set on building a successful career.  She experienced and overcame the realities of insomnia and sleep issues brought on by stress.  Then, having restored her ability to sleep well, and with dreams as her guideposts, she became an award winning leader.  As an Executive Director for a leading marketing technology company, Leah was overseeing more than $100 Million in annual sales. 

Blending the skills and experience she’s honed within her traditional career with her knowledge and passion for sleep & dreams, Leah now guides others toward their own transformative relationship with sleep. 

Leah is the Sleep & Dream Specialist for Miraval Resort and Spa, where she provides workshops, lectures, and private consultations.  She also co-founded Dream.Inc Services, in partnership with Rubin Naiman PhD, FAASM, to provide corporate sleep and dream wellness training.