Rock Yourself to Sleep: 3 Gemstones to Adorn Your Room.

These gems have life in them:  their colors speak, say what words fail of.

– George Eliot

The Tucson Gem & Mineral show has just wrapped it’s 65th year of bringing crystal, fossil, and gemstone enthusiasts from around the world to our beautiful desert town.  Touted the largest and most prestigious of gem and mineral shows, it’s an incredible spectacle to behold.

“Wulfenite Is Loved,” was the theme of the show, tying back to a story from the 60’s about a mineral collector who scrawled “PbMo04 is LOVE” on an old shed at the Red Cloud Mine in Arizona.  (PbMo04 is the mineral code for Wulfenite.)  A photograph was taken, which went viral in the mineral collecting world.  There were even bumper stickers made with the saying, which are considered a collector’s item today.

This emotional sentiment connected with those in the mineral world, but I must say that the exhibitors attending the shows don’t illustrate any interest in the emotional virtues of the gems.  Engaged in the search, discovery and selling process, they base the gemstone worth on the quality and rarity of the crystals formed.  Whatever meaning’s been attributed to the gems for thousands of years is seemingly lost to those who deal in them.

It reminds me of the experts who deal in sleep, but have lost their connection to dreams.  Most who study sleep are focused exclusively on the things that can be measured, such as sleep cycles, breathing and heart rates.  Science is far from understanding the power and meaning of dreams, so it hardly pays them any mind.

I surely don’t need science to catch up to appreciate the value of dreams.  I’ve seen plenty of personal and peer proof to know dreams hold meaning for our lives.  I suppose that those who work with the energy of gemstones and crystals feel a similar way.

If you’re interested in exploring dreams, being aware and open to symbology is essential.  Gemstones provide a wonderfully-rich source for waking life symbology.  By acknowledging the story and meaning that’s been given to the gems, we open ourselves to a bit of enchantment.  And who doesn’t want a magic rock in their life?

So, in honor of our latest gem show season, I want to pay homage to my three favorite gemstones believed to have an influence on sleep and dreams.  Adorn your bedroom with one (or more) of these natural beauties.  Not only will they make a brilliant bedroom accent, but perhaps it will even benefit your dreams.


Amethyst holds special meaning for me, after I had a lovely synchronicity following a dream.

In the dream, I was in a gift shop looking at Amethyst crystals.  The shop keeper showed me that one of them could light up.  I woke feeling inspired by the dream and it made me want to purchase an amethyst stone, so I headed to a nearby gem store.  I was browsing the many options when the store owner came over to point out that one of them could light up, as it was fitted with a bulb.  Needless to say, I was sold!

Amythyst has a rich history with humankind and was deemed a highly precious stone by the ancients, at times worth as much as Diamonds and valued more than gold during the time of the Roman Empire.

It most certainly takes the gold for greatest bedroom crystal.  The gorgeous purple colors are as soothing as a lavender field.  No wonder it’s been referred to as nature’s tranquilizer. shares that Amythyst is thought to help people who have trouble falling asleep.  They also recommend Amythyst crystals for a child’s room because of their gentle and soothing energy.  And according to, “Amethyst’s calming presence produces soothing dreams by bringing the dreamer more in tune with the Divine. This clarity and peacefulness also extends to the waking mind.”


The Rose Quartz is another lovely colored gemstone that’s great for enhancing your bedroom energy

When I was a kid, my mom had something called a “worry stone.”  It was a small, smooth tumbled stone with a hollow for running your thumb along.  I loved the idea that I could rub this little stone to release my worries and fears.  All these years later, I’ll sometimes hold a smooth gemstone and rub it for a sense of calm.  Rose Quartz is among my favorites.

Rose Quartz has lovely pink tones and can be readily found in all kinds of shapes and sizes, making it an easy option for adorning your sleep sanctuary.

It’s a great option for layering with the Amethyst in your bedroom, according to   They say Rose Quartz, inspires self care, peace, and relaxation, providing a loving shield of protection while you sleep. also recommends the Rose Quartz as a wonderful sleep crystal for adults and children, stating that this gemstone provides beautiful dreams and can even prevent nightmares or night terrors.  If you have a child that’s afraid of of the dark, the Rose Quartz is the stone said to help.


Herkimer, New York is the location that these diamond-shaped stones are sourced, hence the name.

These are said to be the most powerful of all Quartz crystals.  So what they lack in physical size, they more than make up for in spirit energy.  As puts it, being doubly terminated (having two pointed ends), not only can they transmit their own energies, but they can receive spiritual energy to amplify and focus it.

I recently discovered the Herkimer Diamond while I was looking for a simple and fun gift for members in a dream group I was co-facilitating.  I learned that Herkimer Diamond is often called the “dream stone,”  so it made a fitting option.  Plus, it looks like a big chunky diamond — making it rather fun to give and receive!

According to, Herkimer Diamonds will help to heighten your ability to dream and they can stimulate lucid dreaming.  They say that if you wish to begin to experience lucid dreams, where you are aware of the content of your dreams while you are still asleep, it may be extremely helpful to place one under your pillow.

Along with those I gave as gifts, I purchased a Herkimer Diamond for myself and placed in on my nightstand.  And whataya know — I saw a nice little spike in the number of lucid dreams I was having.

So there they are — my favorite “rock yourself to sleep” gems.  These crystals make lovely bedroom accents, catching the light by day and dreams by night.

Are you a gemstone enthusiast?  If so, I’d love to hear from you.  What recommendations can you share for how to bring gemstone energy into your life.  Please use the comments section below….

Sweet gem dreams,


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