My Dreams Came True

Paying attention to your dream stories and analyzing what they mean is a life-enhancing practice. Your dreams share amazing stories, illustrating the themes and lessons happening in your waking life through symbolism and metaphors.

But what if you had a dream that seemed to know the future? What if dreams could not only tell you the story of yesterday, but also that of tomorrow? Is that possible, and what would it say about the power of our dreams?

I was forced to ask myself these questions decades ago, when I first had such an occurrence. I can literally say that my dreams came true.

The first dream happened during a time I’d started playing golf with some girlfriends. We were taking lessons and I had practice drills to do, so my husband PJ agreed to meet at the driving range after work.

Well, apparently my commitment to golf wasn’t high enough to remember to bring my clubs. It wasn’t until I’d arrived at the driving range and opened the car trunk that I realized I’d left my clubs at home.

PJ was prepared with his clubs and his mind was set on hitting some balls.  He suggested that, since I didn’t have my clubs, I save time by going to the grocery store.  He pointed out a store across the street from the range.  It sounded like a plan to me, so that’s where I headed.

This wasn’t a store I’d ever shopped at before. I was aware it existed, but it was some distance from our home.

I parked and was walking up to the store when my dream memory from that morning came flooding back to me. It came back because this same grocery store was the setting of the dream.

In the dream, I was being rung up for groceries by a friend whom I’d not seen in many years. I felt amazed that I was now at the grocery store from my dream.

Once inside, I gathered a few items and headed to the register where I set them on the belt and looked up to say hello to the checker.

Lo and behold, there she was! As if she’d been plucked right out of my dream memory — my long-ago friend was ringing me up! I nearly buckled from how stunned I became. I tried to play off a normal-person greeting and act surprised and happy to see her. In reality, I was shocked and mystified.

What just happened? How did my dream come true?

I didn’t know how to explain it. There was no conscious awareness I’d had that I’d be going to this particular store. I certainly hadn’t known where this girlfriend from my past worked. I couldn’t fathom how it was my dream had known.

Startling as this was, my introduction to dream premonitions was not yet complete.

As if my dreams were darned determined to get my attention, another dream came true only a couple of weeks later.

This time I’d woke from a dream that featured characters from ‘The Muppet Show.’ Upon waking, the scene vividly in my memory was the faces of Fozzie the Bear, Ms. Piggy and Kermit the Frog circling around in front of me. I thought it was a very silly dream and didn’t give it another thought.

That evening my husband and I visited his brother’s home to celebrate our sister-in-law, Mary’s, birthday. We were sitting around chatting after dinner when Mary suddenly exclaimed, “Oh! You’ve got to see what I got!” She excitedly exited the room to grab whatever it was she had to show me.

Moments later Mary was standing over me, waving in my face a collection of stuffed Muppet characters. There they all were — Fozzie, Ms. Piggy and Kermit. She was explaining that she’s a huge lover of muppets and these were among her birthday gifts. All I could focus on was my own disbelief I was staring at these Muppets.

This had me both bewildered and excited. My husband was sitting beside me and I know my eyes must have been bugged out of my head as I tried to explain that I’d just had a dream with these muppets in my face!

Two premonition dreams in a row was something that demanded my attention.

I wouldn’t have believed it possible that dreams could show future moments in time, but I was suddenly left without a doubt in my mind.  What really boggled me was that these were apparently random life occurrences without big consequence, and yet I’d dreamt them in advance.

The experience had me soul searching the concepts of time, space and choice — those big “why” and “how” questions no one can really answer. One thing I knew for sure was that I was going to be paying attention to my dreams forevermore.

I’m glad I had this experience early in life and that it drew my attention to my dreams.  I truly believe it was a game changer for me.  Working with my dreams has helped me improve myself and my life and I hope you, too, will be paying lots of attention to your dreams.

If something you do every time you sleep is capable of such wonders, why would anyone ignore it? I assure you, your dreaming mind is just as amazing and ready to be discovered.

Let’s get dreaming,


Have you had a dream come true?  Please share your experience in the comments below.  What dream premonition has happened for you?  What impact did it have on your life and the way you view dreams?

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