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For over 25 years, Miraval has been supporting individuals on their journey to creating a life in balance.  Located at the base of the majestic Catalina mountains — it’s a dreamy place to make it a date!  Plan your Miraval-Arizona Experience: or 855.234.1672

Upcoming Workshops & Lectures

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‘A Return to Sleep’  Workshop

Improving your sleep can set you up for a healthier and happier existence.  This workshop’s designed to support those who are struggling to fall or stay asleep at night.  I help you gain a better understanding of the reasons for insomnia, and introduce trusted techniques designed to support your ability to return to sleep.   75 minutes

AUGUST 2023 – Offered Friday, Saturday, Monday

SEPTEMBER 2023 – Offered Saturday & Monday

OCTOBER 2023 – Offered Saturday & Monday

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‘Awakening the Dream’  Workshop

This transformative workshop will open your eyes to the power and meaning of your nightly dreams.  Learn how you can enhance your recall and connection with your dreams for personal insights and inspirations.  Walk away with a new understanding of the benefits of dreaming and how you can work with a wide array of types, including reoccurring themes, nightmares, and lucid dreams.  You’ll also discover the practice of ‘dream incubation,’ which enables you to tap into your dreams for creative solutions.  Discover the gifts that come from being mindful of your dreams.   75 minutes

AUGUST 2023 – Offered Saturday & Monday

SEPTEMBER 2023 – Offered Saturday & Monday

OCTOBER 2023 – Offered Saturday & Monday

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‘Dream Alchemy’  Workshop

Transform your dreams into inspiration for your life. In this workshop you’ll connect with your authentic calling or intention, and then be shown the tools for gaining energetic alignment to manifest your best life. Learn how to gain access to higher levels of consciousness to empower yourself, and release the limitation or block that’s holding you back.  75 minutes

AUGUST 2023 – Offered Friday & Sunday

SEPTEMBER 2023 – Offered Friday & Sunday

OCTOBER 2023 – Offered Friday & Sunday

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‘SLEEP WELL – Rituals for Better Rest’  Lecture

Sleep plays a vital role in your health and wellbeing throughout your life. In this offering, you’ll gain insights into how your sleep is the foundation for wellness and learn how to foster healthy sleep. With inspiration from the sleep and dream temples of ancient Egypt and Greece, explore the nighttime rituals that can transform your relationship with rest. Learn how to create your sleep sanctuary, prepare your body and mind for sleep, and embrace the power of your dreams.  45 minutes, COMPLIMENTARY session

AUGUST 2023 – Offered Saturday

SEPTEMBER 2023 – Offered Friday

OCTOBER 2023 – Offered Friday

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Private Sessions:

“Dream Discovery”

Take a deep dive into your dreamscape with me along as your guide.  This private session is ideal for exploring a single dream, series of dreams, or a reoccurring dream theme.  Practice using the techniques that are most effective at bringing meaning to the surface.  Unwrap the gift your dream bears, then explore how you can honor it’s transformational potential.

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“Sleep Well” Coaching Session

Put yourself on the best path forward to improve your sleep health with this one-on-one session.  During the session, we’ll identify the issues at the root of your inability to sleep. You’ll walk away with a personalized plan to address your sleep issues with simple, but specific, sleep-related habits and routines.

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