How to Plan a Dream Date

Working with your dreams is about getting to know your dreams, which is really about getting to know yourself. Dreams are the ultimate mirror to the soul.  I say, get to know those dreams really well, ‘cause there’s all kinds of goodies they have to give.

What’s the best way to get to know your dreams?

It starts with fostering a relationship with your dreams.  Which means making dreams an important part of your life.  And by doing so, you make YOU an important part of your life.

When someone’s really important to you, the best way to stay connected is to set a date.  Romantic dates are the most obvious of sorts.  But people also set dates with friends, parents, kids, and business associates. With the amount of demands the typical person faces in a day, establishing dates is essential for relationships.  The same rule applies when it comes to your dreams.

Set a date with your dreams.

Spending time with your dreams helps draw attention to what’s really happening inside.  A regular check-in with your dreams is a great way to build your motivation and momentum in life. For me, Sunday is often my dream-date night.  I find this timing ideal for setting a focus for the upcoming week.

An hour is a good amount of time for your dream date.  When it comes to dreams, there’s really good stuff once you go deep.  Without giving yourself sufficient time, you’ll only skim the surface.  30 minutes could suffice, although that’s kinda like grabbing a cup of coffee as a date — you can catch up a bit, but a lot gets left unsaid.

How to plan the perfect “dream date”

The best way to enter into your dream date is to see it as the treat it is.  There’s information in your dreams that touches the deepest depths of your being.  Things you normally ignore or hide come into view.  Things you’ve set aside or forgotten rise to the surface. Inspirations, insights, personal truths and enlightenment are all on display when looking at your dreams.

This is a very special date you definitely want to keep.

The goal of your dream date is to spend time with your dreams.  If you’ve done that, then you’ve succeeded.  There are no set rules, guidelines, or must-haves.  You’re just making a connection and whatever works best for you is how you should go about it.

That said, if you’re just getting started with dreamwork or have never spent quality time with your dreams, here are some simple tips for having a perfectly fulfilling dream date:

First, set the mood

Get nice and comfy.  Pajamas are perfect for a dream date.  I like to light a candle and poor myself some tea.  The more peaceful and contemplative a setting, the easier it will be to slip into your right-brained, creative mind that better understands the language of dreams.

Then, select the dream you’ll be exploring

I recommend focusing on a single dream for your dream date.  This is likely to provide the greatest reward.   If you’ve only one dream to pick from, great — easy choice.  If you tend to remember a good number of dreams, just go with whichever peaks your interest most.

I’m someone who logs a dream nearly every morning.  I like to start by reading through my recently-captured dreams to detect any re-occurring themes.  This ensures I pay attention to that theme to determine how it’s at play in my life.  I’ll then choose the most intriguing or emotional dream among them for my dream date.

You’re going to be spending quality time with this single dream to uncover its purpose for coming to you. I call this a DreamDiscovery.

Hopefully you’re keeping a dream journal and noting your dreams upon waking.  This is the best way to hold memory of them.  You also want to have a notebook and pen in-hand during your dream date, so you can capture your thoughts and ideas.

Take a few minutes to re-experience your dream

Imagine yourself back inside the dream.  It’s possible you’ll remember some details that you’d not logged prior. Jot those down now.  And pay close attention to the emotions you’re feeling in the dream as well as the specific actions you’re taking.  These are great indicators for why you had the dream.

Analyze your dream with your preferred technique

There are many methods of dreamwork.  Use whatever technique you prefer and feel free to mix it up from date to date.

For some get-started tips on how to explore your dreams, you can DOWNLOAD a FREE COPY of ‘3 Clues Why You Had That Dream’ here:

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Working with your dreams will give you an edge

Knowledge is power.  Often, a dream will bring awareness about something you’ve been ignoring and needs your attention.  By exploring your dreams, you’re going to see those things normally hidden from view about you. Taking action on the insights you uncover can lead to great improvements in your life.

If you really get present with your dream and think about how the storyline, emotions and symbology mirror something occurring in your life, you’re likely to emerge from your date with a new idea, understanding, or aha.

Determine a way to put your dream’s message into action

What is the gift that your dream came bearing for you?

Before saying goodnight to your dream, think about a way you can honor its teaching. Herein lies the real value of your dream — putting it to work in your life.

Here are some examples of ways you can integrate your dream’s teaching in your life:

  • Come to a decision you need to make
  • Set an intention about how you’ll proceed
  • Write an affirmation to form a new belief
  • Engage in an important conversation
  • Acknowledge an unhealthy pattern
  • Create something that your dream inspired
  • Or, simply visualize a preferred ending to your dream

Feel good about yourself for getting to know your dreams

Paying attention to what your dreams are showing you is one of the most incredible ways for making forward motion in your life.  So, don’t let yourself stop here…

Make plans to connect with your dreams again, soon!

With practice, you’ll discover your favorite methods for exploring your dreams and with every dream date you’re forging a most beneficial relationship.  Soon you’ll be falling in love with the way your dreams help you navigate the emotions, challenges and opportunities you face in life.

Keep on dreaming,


Please take a moment to share your thoughts and ideas.  Is spending time with your dreams a new practice for you or have you been spending time with your dreams for a long while?  How do you go about connecting with your dreams?  Include your comments below.


Wish you had a chaperone on your dream date?  If you’re struggling to connect with your dreams, I can accompany you via phone or skype to guide your way.  Learn more here:  DreamDiscovery sessions

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