Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens.

— Carl Jung

Dream Analysis • Dream Therapy • Intentional Dreaming • Lucid Dream Coaching • Nightmare Repair 

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The Dream fares well under Leah's respectful gaze, which is a rare gift. I heartily recommend her if you're seeking a deep relationship with your dream life.
Gregory Scott SparrowEdD, LPC, LMFT (Va)


I found new excitement in finding the connection between my dreams and waking life experiences and feelings. I highly recommend Leah!
Amber VilhauerNGNG Enterprises owner and founder'

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You’ve got an inner navigation system, surveying the landscape of your life and charting your best potential, with more insights and information than you can consciously know.  Want to make the most of it?

Let’s get dreaming…

I’m here to help you gain inspiration, boost creativity, and problem solve — all while getting your restorative Zzz’s.

It’s Amazing What You Can Do In Your Sleep!

Sleep & Dreams

Leah knows how to open her heart to the mystery of dreams and simultaneously bridge them into the practical reality of the waking world.  I wholeheartedly recommend her.

— Rubin Naiman, Phd, Clinical Asst Professor, Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine

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Dream Consultation:

Ready to awaken the power of your dreams?  Incredible gifts are awaiting your awareness. I’ve developed my DreamDiscovery method to provide rich opportunities for transformation.  Working together, we’ll help you tap into the power of your dreams to enhance your waking life. These sessions are customized to align to your dreamwork desires. 

  • Classic DreamDiscovery — dream analysis and insights journey
  • Nightmare Repair — the fix for your scary dreams
  • Intentional Dreaming — dream incubation for powerful inner guidance
  • Learn to Lucid — experience what it means to awaken in your dreams

30 minutes $90 · 1-Hour $150 · 3 Sessions Package (1-hour each) $350

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Leah Ann Bolen, CDP, CSSC, is a dedicated sleep and dream specialist who empowers individuals to enhance their sleep quality and harness the power of dreams to enrich their waking lives.  With three decades of study in the field, Leah has cultivated a profound understanding of sleep’s crucial role in enhancing physical, emotional, and mental well-being.  

Having also navigated the corporate landscape for over thirty years, Leah brings a wealth of firsthand knowledge about the pressures and challenges inherent in the business world.  Starting her career as a receptionist in an advertising office, she was determined to climb the ladder of success. Along the way, Leah confronted and overcame the harsh realities of insomnia and sleep issues caused by stress.  Her victory over sleep disturbances, fueled by the wisdom gleaned from her dreams, propelled her to become an award-winning leader. As an Executive Director for one of the nation’s leading marketing technology companies, Leah managed over $100 million in annual sales. 

Today, Leah combines the skills and insights gained from her corporate career with her expertise in sleep and dreams to guide others on their journey to a transformative relationship with rest. 

Leah serves as the Sleep & Dream Specialist at Miraval Resort and Spa, offering workshops, lectures, and private consultations.  She is also the co-founder of Dream.Inc Services, a collaboration with Rubin Naiman, PhD, FAASM, providing sleep and dream wellness training for corporate clients.