3 Keys to a Dream Relationship

A Dream which is not interpreted is like a letter which is not read.

– The Talmud

The old tradition of writing love letters was so romantic, don’t you think? I’m talking about the kind handwritten in cursive and chock full of poetic sentences saturated with adoration — a real love note, worthy of treasuring.

With texting, chatting, and video posts, there are much more expedient ways we’re getting our messages across these days. But as convenient as our mini-moments of the modern day are, they really can’t compare with the way a forever-letter can touch the soul.

Although my life was not rich with love notes, there was a letter written just for me. It was given to me over 30 years ago by my soul-mate and husband, Paul (“PJ”).  The timing of this letter was during our first and only breakup, which lasted perhaps a week or two.

There were no flowery sentences and it wouldn’t go down in history as some great declaration of love. (It was more of a defending of his actions and a request for a call.) But within that note were sentiments being stated for the first time, which qualified it as a love letter in my heart.  I read it again and again and have it saved to this day.

Now, you may be wondering what does this have to do with dreams.  And the answer is “relationships.”  I want to get you thinking about relationships, because that’s exactly what I’m going to encourage you to get into…  a relationship with your dreams.

I realize that may seem strange (having a “relationship” with your dreams), but you’re going to be amazed at what an excellent partner-in-life your dreams can be.

Because your dreams totally “get” you. And, I’m talking to ALL of you. Every bit of everything about you is something fully comprehended by your dreaming mind. (Talk about never being misunderstood.)

As far as your dreams are concerned, you’re the center of the universe. They’re wholly about you — your desires, your concerns, your safety and your success. Your dreaming mind’s attention is dedicated completely to you. When you return some of that attention, you’ll come to find that your dreams are like letters from your soul.

There’s important stuff is in those dreams just waiting to be discovered.

Ready to begin?

Your dream relationship thrives on commitment & communication.

Here are the essential Dream Relationship starters:

Key #1: Attract Your Dreams

Relationships start with finding one another. If you’ve been giving your dreams the cold shoulder, it’s likely they’ve gone into hiding. So, if you and your dreams are merely strangers in the night, there are steps you can take to encourage them to show up.

How can you attract more dream memories into your life?

Try this simple evening and morning routine:


Dreams respond to being desired. The most effective thing you can do to get them to show up is to write to them. Just before bed is a perfect time. Get your Dream Journal in place on your nightstand and take a few minutes before bed to write what’s on your mind. Better yet, ask your dreams to bring you inspiration and ideas.

Affirm to yourself, “I will remember my dreams tonight.”

Then let yourself drift into dreamland.


If at all possible, avoid a loud alarm clock and give yourself a few extra minutes to lie awake in bed before rising. These first minutes upon waking are the magic moment. Even if you don’t immediately recall it, you were likely just dreaming.

Remain in your sleeping position and lay silent with your eyes closed as you try to recall what you were just doing… feeling… seeing. Like a momentary case of amnesia, your dream memory can suddenly return.

Perhaps you’ll only have a vague feeling or sense of a memory. That’s a clue you can still capture your dream. Try recalling your last moments and you just may get a flash of a scene. Bingo… That’s all you need to keep reeling in the details. Lay with your eyes closed and trace back through the memory of your dream, grabbing whatever details you can.

Once you’ve captured the dream in your mind, sit up and WRITE IT DOWN. Even if you’re limited on time, write something that will spark your memory later. It’s amazing how fleeting dream memories can be; you really want to capture them when you have the chance. (The more details the better.)

Don’t remember a dream? Write something in your journal anyway. Write about how you feel or any thoughts you woke within your mind. Even without a dream memory, your dreams may have gifted you an insight or inspiration.

An important reason to write in your journal, regardless of memory, is that it’s a signal to your subconscious mind. Once it gets the message that you want to remember your dreams, it will comply.

Key #2: Pay Attention to Your Dreams

Like any other relationship, your Dream Relationship will grow stronger as you bring your presence and attention. It’s one thing to ask for your dreams to surface and to capture them when they do. (That’s certainly where it all begins.) But, the good stuff kicks in when you spend more quality time with your dreams.

Like any strong relationship, your dreams can be on your mind anytime. When you have a dream that grabs your attention, let it linger with you throughout your day. If there’s some symbolism that boggled you, give thought to it during times of mental break. You’ll be amazed at how keeping your dream top-of-mind can lead to waking life synchronicity.

If you really want to benefit from your dreams, I recommend a weekly dream date. This is time set aside to be one-on-one with a dream. It’s during my weekly dream dates that I discover the greatest gifts my dreams have to give.

Click here for ideas on how to have the perfect dream date.

Key #3: Learn the Language of Dreams

Some dreams will be obvious and speak to your heart in a way that requires no further explanation. But, without taking time to learn the language of dreams, you’re likely to be left confused by many of them. As with any relationship, if you don’t share a common language, it’s going to be easy to lose the connection.

Your dreaming mind is an amazing storyteller, providing you with essential life lessons through symbolism and creative metaphors. Dream language is so different than the language we apply to our waking-life communications. So, there’s some learning to be done in order to grasp your dreaming mind messages.

For help getting started, grab your free copy of ‘3 Clues Why You Had That Dream’. This is a fun and easy-to-follow method I created for exploring dreams.

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I hope the fact you’re reading the end of this post means you’re ready for your own dream relationship. Congratulations on taking the first steps!

Let’s get dreaming,


Looking for help? DreamDiscovery sessions are a great way to fast-track your Dream Relationship. These one-on-one coaching sessions with Leah take the heavy lifting off of you, so you can discover the power of your dreaming mind now. Click Here to learn more.

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